Saturday, July 12, 2014

Craft: Colorful Trinket Holder

I have loved crafting for the last 30+ years. I am always perusing the clearance aisles/endcaps at various stores that I frequent trying to find something that I can make into something or to go along with an idea that I have. My favorites stores to haunt for these type of projects are Target, Michaels, and AC Moore. I had found this little white ceramic box at Target for $2.00 about 2 months ago and knew it was perfect for something...even though I was not sure at the time what.
I decided it would be perfect to hold my rings in on my dresser and decided to go for it. I thought about it a while knowing I wanted to decoupage something on the top of it. I decided scrapbook paper was the best way to go. I assembled my supplies and went to work. I needed paper, scissors, a hole punch, a craft paint brush, the ceramic box and Mod Podge. I had everything I needed at home already so all it costs me was the price of the box.
Cut some paper into triangles. Mod Podge the paper on top of the lid of the box arranging them any way that appeals to the eye. For those of you who don't know about Mod Podge, it's the medium that is used in decoupage and one of the greatest things ever invented. It is kind of pricey, considering what it actually is....watered down glue.....but you can make your own out of your kid's school glue. It dries completely clear.
After it dried, I decided I wanted something else on it so I got the hole punch out and made some tiny circles with it. Decoupaged again and let it dry.
I have to say that I really love how it came out. With the Mod Podge, it doesn't look like paper. It looks more like felt to me and the lid just pops with color now. So easy to do. Ciao until next time!!!!!

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