Sunday, July 27, 2014

Craft: DIY Painted Canvas

Although I don't have a lot of spare time, I do love to peruse Pinterest for ideas for future projects that speak to me.. I have done quite a few off of there (Note to self: OMGoodness....did I just figure out a future blog post subject????? lol). This painting is so easy and so individualized that yours is not going to look like mine and visa versa. That's one of the best things about it. Another good thing is it's cheap to make. If you need a big piece of art work and either haven't found the one that makes your heart sing(and if you're like me, the minute you see it you'll know) or can't afford the one that you want right now(...because real talk ...they're pricey), This might be the perfect fix for now. A couple of things I would like to point out: 1) I have seen them big and I have seen them's all according to where its going to go and what you need. 2) I have seen most of these done on a canvas painted in white. It makes all the other colors pop times 10. I choose to be a little bit different and do mine in periwinkle blue... it's one of my favorite colors after all.
You will need the following items: a canvas, paints, painter's tape and a paint brush, First, you paint the canvas whatever color you have decided your background color will be(that will separate the other main colors). You might have to paint it twice to get it good and covered. Let fully dry. Next step is tape off your design that you want with the tape crisscrossing on top. Make sure that you apply pressure to all the tape stripes as to prevent paint bleeding when you start painting your sections.
You can then beginning painting your sections.
Make sure it fully dries. Then comes the best part...the reveal. Start stripping that tape off and step back to savor the moment.
Clean it up a little bit by hand if you need to( if there's any bleeding or a color paint where it shouldn't be) and you are done. Easy peasey!!!!
Here's one I did for some friends for their baby nursery.

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