Thursday, July 10, 2014

Craft: Fathers Day D-A-D project

I have been remiss in posting the Fathers Day presents that Jay and I made last month for his dad. I got the idea from a friend of mine(thanks Tracey!) who got it from Pinterest. She had made one the year before with her kids for their dad and I have always thought it was adorable. When I told her that I was going to make it with Jay as his craft present for his dad, she even hooked me up with the wooden letters to use so it was basically the cost of the photos and a frame. Couldn't be cheaper especially if you have the frames sitting around your house not being used. I didn't. All you need is the following: 2 wood black craft letters-- D and A, and the frame. I can show you better than explain.
Take quite a few of your child holding each letter. When you put it together in the frame, the poses will need to have some kind of balance. Here's our end result:
It is so cute and extremely easy. Jay was so proud to give it to his dad too. S/N: Tracy asked me not to bring the letters back to her. I'm supposed to pass them on to someone else who wants to do the project. They are up for grabs!!!!

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