Sunday, July 20, 2014

Craft: Homemade Canvases Minus the Huge Costs

I think I have mentioned already how much I love photography, pictures and, in particular, pictures of my loved ones. If you're like me, when you get a great shot, you just want to make it into a canvas and get it on your walls. Then the moment comes when you start checking around on how much this little endeavor will costs and it's an immediate "UGH" moment(or at least it was for me). I started looking around on the internet to see if there was any way around that and here's what I came up with:
You will need paint, your trusty ModPodge, a paint brush, your picture that you want to use and a canvas the size of the picture you have chosen. I always begin with painting the sides of my canvas the color that will blend in with the picture I am using( I chose black for this one). I paint the sides and a little of the base to make sure whatever part of the canvas that the picture doesn't cover, the paint will.
After it dries, apply ModPodge to the back of your picture liberally. Press it on your painted canvas making sure you line it up as close to perfect as you can so the sides of the picture does not hang off. Let it dry. ModPodge the top of the picture.
While it's still wet, place another canvas the same size that you are working with directly on top of it for about 15 seconds to give it the texture of a canvas. Let it dry.
Could not be any easier and they turn out great. I would love to see a picture of yours if you decide to try your hand at it. As a side note: This is the first one I have done on canvas. I have done many before but they have always been on pieces of wood that I have bought and cut at a home store(Home Depot or Lowes). They turn out just as good on wood. Another point is the picture you choose does not have to be posed or professional.. The picture I used doesn't mean anything to anyone but my family. It was not posed, was taken spontaneously by me on my phone one night at NCCU's field after we had football games all day long and were cleaning up. The stadium lights were on and the kids, who help us out during the day, decided they were going to run a play for my 10 year old grandboy to run for a touchdown. My sons were part of the group. They did and he did and this is the result. He was so HAPPY and the bonus was I caught all 3 of my boys walking off the field. It is a priceless moment caught on camera to me and I LOVE IT!!!!!

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