Sunday, July 27, 2014

Painting Ventures

I have always considered myself an artist in my heart even though very rarely does anything ever get down on canvas. About 5 years ago, I caught the painting/wine party fever and it changed my world in such a great way.
In case you have no idea what I am referring to, it's those businesses that are cropping up all over the place and the general concept is you check out their calendar of days with specific individual paintings and you sign and show up for the painting you want(with your bottle or box of wine(hey I'm from the south!!!)). They have everything you need right there... the paint, the canvas, the apron and an instructor. I must add, I have been to 2 different types of places....1) I have showed up and the main art subject is lightly outlined on the canvas(which I am always so grateful for because I can't center things for sh**) and the instructor walks you through the process, and 2) you show up to a blank canvas and the instructor talks you through the process step by step. At any rate, pure fun ensues(and you'll find that if you are serious about it, you'll loosen up more as the wine and in a couple of hours, you walk out with this great experience AND a painting to go on your wall. It is so much fun and , honestly, if financially feasible at any point in my life, I would seriously consider buying a franchise of this business plan.
I, also, have to mentioned that the instructors rock at these things. They love art and it shows. They are always helpful, directing and come with a dash of therapist in them for encouragement with lines like "there's no rules in art!!!", "I like the way you added this color", etc. I consider some of them my friends now.
Another thing I feel led to add, due to my experience, don't give all of them away!!!! I pretty much did and regret it now.(Oh...a birthday is coming up.....what to give?.....oh yeah...give 'em one of your paintings.....). Although I have a few left, I wish I had been more selective about what I was going to give away and what I was going to keep. I need to go back so I can paint some more with the intention of putting it on MY walls. Here's some more of them that I did:
(For my daughter in law)

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