Saturday, November 22, 2014

Craft: Crayola Crayon Art

I am a Pinterest addict..... I absolutely love it. I am constantly perusing the site trying to find the next thing that I can make. My friend, Eileen, and I decided we would attempt crayon art. It seemed simple enough with a major impact. All you need is a flat canvas, a box of crayons, some tacky glue and a blow dryer.
Line up your crayons at the top in groupings of colors that pleases your eye. When you have it figured out, glue each one down only putting glue on the paper portion of the crayon.
Now it's blow dryer time. Tilt your canvas and hit the crayon ends with the blow dryer until they start to melt and colors start running down the canvas. Please be sure to have a newspaper or paper bag in under the canvas while you do this part because sometimes the colors will squirt sideways.
Just keep at it until they run down as far as you want them to.
I felt like it needed something else so I painted "Color my World" freehand. If I did it again, however, I would probably take the time to paint them on with stencils. At any rate, this is how it ended up and I do like it. I plan on framing and hanging it eventually.
It was a fun project. I would love to see yours if you decide to attempt it.

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