Sunday, November 9, 2014

Freebie Mail Call

Some of you have caught on to the fact that, in my spare time, I review products for companies. I have been doing it for almost a year now and I really do enjoy it. I apply for some promotions, get the product, review it and the product is and clear. What's not to like about that? Here's some stuff I received this week for review:
Zep Cleaning Product Sampling through Crowdtap. Needless to say, This was a win-win for me because of my occupation.
2nd Annual Hidden Valley Party Mission through Crowdtap. This takes a little more work. I will be making some recipes, invite some folks over, take some pictures, and write the review. I was, also, thrilled to get this one(not a lot of applicants did) because we love HV Ranch dressing around our house. It is a staple for us and we use it on practically everything.
Arm & Hammer Baking Soda Mission through Smiley 360. This one is fairly easy. You complete your mission which consists of acquiring points by posting and it's yours. It wouldn't be right to post something like this with out following up with the site URLs below with a brief description of what is required of you to stay eligible. Crowdtap---- ****** You sign up, check your page every day, and answer questions. You build up points and stars. They have samplings you can apply to, also. At the end of the month, your name goes in with everyone else's in the group and you can win gift cards, if your name gets pulled. If you are interested in this one, just message me and I will give you more info. You do not need to have a blog for this one. Smiley 360---- *** *** You sign up and perform missions. These are samplings, too. When you get product, you posts about it to acquire your needed points to complete the mission. You do not have to have a blog for this one. Tomoson---- *** *** You do have to have a blog for this one. This is strictly a review product site. You, also, have to be qualified to apply for promotions. You do this mostly by having sufficient social media followers. Each promotion is different. Once you have the blog set up, you can start applying. The first day, I received 4 promotions. When you get a promotion, you have 35 days to post your review. The product is then yours. There are other sites around. You just need to look for them. If you have any questions, please feel free to message me. Good luck!!!!!!

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