Saturday, August 23, 2014

August 24, 2014---- The Week in Review

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge by Kevin and Shari Hurst accepted and passed on to others. Brrrrrrr!!!!!
Found what I am going to have to buy when I move to Europe for a couple of years. Too Cute!!!
Visited one of my fave places here in Durham.... Rise. The donuts are delicious and varied in flavors. I tried the Maple Bacon one... can I say YUM? The staff are so welcoming and the art work on the walls are a rare treat to see also....all donut themed.
Fairies moved into the backyard this week. So excited for their arrival.
Maggiano's on my day off....I can never resist a Buy One Take One Home special. Their Eggplant Parmigiana is terrific.
What's the weekend without a trip to see my favorite girl Lynn? She's so sweet and conversing with her is a hoot!!! She's the type of person who is hysterically funny and doesn't know it. Love her!!!
Still training for a 5K....although it's been slow since I don't do it with any regularity. I was doing good....and then the skies opened they have been a lot this week. I try to be grateful and not complain....especially since someone somewhere needs rain. Have a terrific week!!!!--- Bobetta

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