Monday, August 25, 2014

Craft: Lego Table

I have a 10 year old grandboy who loves legos.....what kid doesn't, right? They are all over the place...and I am constantly stepping on them...ouch!!!! The problem now is he has no designated place to play with them....a place where he can build them. I saw this table on someone else's blog and decided I was going to hook my grandboy up.
You'll need a Lack table(any color) from Ikea, 4 lego building plates(any color) and some Gorilla glue. More about these products at the end of the blog.
You assemble your table. It requires no tools. You just screw on the legs. Turn it upright.
You position your plates the way you want them. Glue them down with Gorilla glue. That's it....done!!!!!
The best part is I made it for less than $30. I can't wait until he sees it and starts to build on it. *** Product Info- *Ikea Lack Side Table( available in 12 different colors): $4.99( Ikea Family Member Price until 8/26), $9.99 regular price **** **** * Lego Building Plates( available in different colors) $5.99 each **** **** Hope you love yours as much as I love mine.

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  1. Your imagination leads you produce great things. Jay is going to love it!