Saturday, August 9, 2014

The Killing

Since this blog is about all the things I love, I can not wait to tell you what I have been marathon watching for the last 7 days. I was actually at the salon last Friday talking to this sweet young girl who always does my nails about Orange is the New Black and how good a show it is. She mentioned that she was currently watching The Killing on Netflix and that I really should really check it out. I watched the first episode on Saturday night and was instantly hooked.
It's a 4 season show set in Seattle that follows 2 homicide police detectives through their cases and the havoc that murder has on the victims, their families and the officers who investigate the cases. It has an ensemble cast but mainly focuses on Dets. Sarah Lindin(Mireille Enos) and Stephen Holder(Joel Kinnaman). They appear to be an unlikely pair but you soon realize that they both have demons coming from their pasts of tremendous pain. The show is dark and ominous, and the twists and turns in the cases keep you hooked. I can't say much else without ruining it for you but it suffices to say that I think it's a MUST watch.
I have found out since watching it on Netflix that it was originally on AMC the first two seasons(how did I not hear of it???) starting in 2010 until they canceled it. They revived it and brought it back for a 3rd season until they canceled again last summer. Netflix picked it up for another season(6 episodes) to wrap it up.
I had some thoughts while watching that I wanted to share. 1) Is it ALWAYS rainy and dreary in Seattle? I personally have never been(although it has become a cousin's 2nd home) and if this is the only exposure that I ever have to the city, that's the impression I am left with. 2) Joel Kinnaman is my new favorite actor. He's a Swedish-American actor and I have seen a few of the movies he was in but never noticed him until now. His acting in The Killing is impeccable and even more so impressive considering in real life he was raised in Sweden,and ergo, has a Swedish accent. Also I MUST add....#hotboyalert....... oh yeah, Mireille Enos is a fantastic actress Seriously she should have won awards for this. 3) Are people in politics and government always operating with ulterior motives? I could go on for hours about this but I will wrap this point by saying it's a sad sad world we live in peeps. I hope I have sparked your interest to run over to Netflix to watch this. It's been an experience for me. I hope it is for you too.

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