Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Homemade Vegetable Soup

Like most people, the times when you were growing up with the tastes and smells of food you shared with your family around the table still live in us today. They are our comfort foods.... and they instantly make us feel better. For me, they don't even have to bring up any specific memories....but, still the same, it feels like home. One of those foods is the homemade vegetable soup my mom used to make. It's one of the few recipes I walked away from home with when I struck out on my own. There was no recipe per se ..... just watching my mom making it over the years. I started making it and adapted it for my own family. You need 2-3 lbs of stew meat or pot roast(cubed). Cut it into smaller pieces. Put into a crock pot with water covering it by 1/2 inch. Cook on high for an hour.
Add 4 or 5 cut potatoes, 1-- 15 oz can of tomato sauce, and then your vegetables. You can add frozen or canned. If you opt for the canned variety, I always just dump in the can, vegetables and juice. I use 1 can of cut corn, 1 can of peas and 1 can of green beans(all 15 oz). Cook another 3 hours on high.
Serve with corn muffins or crackers.
I must add, it's good the first day and really yummy the second, too. Enjoy!!!!!


  1. Mmmhhhm! It's raining here and this sounds delish!
    I'll have to try it ASAP
    Merci beaucoup!!

  2. De rien. Merci mon amie!!!! It really is good for fall and yucky weather. I so appreciate your constant support and encouragement. You rock!!!! xoxo

  3. Look delicious! I LOVE to make soups and stews during the cooler months!