Sunday, October 12, 2014

Painted Rug

I have been crafty for years. A lot of the desire comes from seeing an item I love with an outrageous price tag on it and thinking to myself "I can do that myself much cheaper". Plus, I love doing it...starting sometimes from nothing and making something really great out of it. I am constantly perusing the clearance aisles(Target is my favorite) and picking up things sometimes not even knowing what I am going to do with them initially. A lot of the ideas are not even my own either. I am a big Pinterest nut and I get ideas from that. I, also, get ideas from blogs that I run across. This painted rug idea is from one of those blogs, Dukes and Duchesses. It was so cute I had to have one. All you need is a basket weave rug, painters tape, 2 colors of acrylic paint( 2 that will coordinate with the location of where it will go), and 2 cheap paint brushes.
Start taping off your stripes. I had not idea how big I wanted them until I got started. My suggestion for any kind of sense of conformity in size and color pattern is to tape off a stripe at one end...then go to the other end and tape off the same size stripe and so forth where you meet in the middle. This is what you'll end up with. Now you can start painting. I have always loved the combo of chocolate brown and light blue so I choose those two colors. Start alternating the colors when you paint. Let the paint dry(it dries quickly). Pull the painters tape off and look at how much prettier your rug is now.
I love mine and it looks terrific in the foyer by the front door. All I ended up paying for was the rug($10) and the paint(2@ $1.29). $13 for a new rug. SCORE!!!!!!


  1. I love it, too, Melinda!!!! Love the color combo especially and the durability of the rug. It's heavy duty.